Pop Pop's Woodshop was founded in January of 2016 by Dwayne Sorrell with the idea of providing the customer a quality product that is built with them in mind. Let's face it, today's wood projects are built fast and cheap to make a quick buck. We want to build the customer a product that will last and can be handed down from generation to generation.

   So what makes Pop Pop's Woodshop product different from the everyday market product. We design and finish each project based on the customer. First, we meet with the customer to discuss their vision and cover design, materials, and finishes. Then based on the customer's vision, we draw up plans and work up an estimate. We then meet with the customer to finalize the drawings and get approval to begin. Second, we build the project using joinery techniques that will provide for a stronger and longer lasting product. Third, we apply the finish, which may be a stain or paint. We then apply three layers of clear coat (polyurethane) to preserve that finish.

  Pop Pop is a proud veteran of the United States Navy, where he served nearly 29 years from 1984 - 2013. He is married to a wonderful wife of 31 years and counting, is the father of four children and grandfather of five grandchildren. He was born in Monticello, IN and currently resides in Jacksonville, FL.

   Pop Pop's love for working with wood came when he was introduced to woodworking as a member of 4-H Clubs, where his first project was a bird house. In eighth grade he enrolled in Woodshop class, where he learned the value of joinery techniques, which he applied to his class project for his mother, a walnut corner shelf unit, which is now in his home. He continued his woodworking training on into ninth grade. Then throughout the rest of high school he enrolled in mechanical and architectural drawing classes.

   Pop Pop is now fulfilling his dream of owning a business, doing what he loves working with wood, and providing his customers quality unique products. Hence his motto, "Let us make your wood project ideas a reality."